‘Hypnotherapy has absolutely worked for me’

I have known Katie for a few years so I felt comfortable to approach her when I needed some support as I was suffering with anxiety and bad sleeping habits.

Katie has given me tools to improve my sleeping pattern which has made a huge difference to my mindset and how I approach lots of different areas in my life.

Hypnotherapy has absolutely worked for me and I would recommend Katie to anyone who feels they need some form of help/support. Katie is so warm and friendly that it makes her sessions very comfortable and relaxed.

‘I found myself’

Katie was recommended to me by a friend who had attended her sessions. I wasn’t really sure what to expect having never spoken to anyone, apart from a couple of friends, about my lack of love for myself.


I attended four  sessions during lockdown via zoom which I found very relaxing. I found Katie very calm, soothing, non judgemental and easy to talk to. She helped me concentrate on the positives and she asked questions that made me question why I was acting in certain ways and who I was doing it for. Katie lead me to question what made me happy and feel good about myself. I stopped comparing myself to other people, stopped judging other people and concentrated on the positives.


One of the things Katie asked me to do was write a list of the things that made me happy/smile. These could be anything from hearing the birds sing to laughing at something I heard/read. This is something I will continue to do.Another thing I will continue to do is listen to the tapes thatKatie sent me. I may even get to the end of one without falling asleep!


When asked what I did in lockdown I can say I found myself.

If you need help or guidance give Katie a try, what do you have to lose?

‘More positive than I can remember’

I have suffered on and off for years with depression and anxiety. I have tried counselling before but nothing has really helped. I was unsure about hypnotherapy at first but I thought there was no harm in giving it a try. I’m so glad I did. After seeing Katie for a few weeks I am feeling so much better and more positive than I can remember.
Katie is really friendly and welcoming, She put me at ease straight away and I always leave feeling calm and relaxed.

‘Things are finally going smoothly’

I have suffered with depression and anxiety all my life and the last few years I have been diagnosed with emotional personality disorder along with PTSD from my ex partner. Life hasn’t been easy for me at all. I heard about Katie through my Mum so I thought I would give it a go!

From the first moment I met Katie I was overwhelmed with how welcoming and lovely she is. My sessions went really well and I have made some big decisions in my life that I was too scared to do before hypnotherapy. Things are finally going smoothly.

I have also quit smoking completely! This is all down to Katie, so thank you very much I’m over the moon with how it’s gone!

‘Big Improvement’

I am someone who is anxious, worrier, an over thinker, very irrational with my thoughts and sees the negative in pretty much everything.

One of my concerns was my lack of sleep. I used to wake up at night and not be able to go back to sleep. I can honestly say I noticed a big improvement after the 1st time I listened to the mp3 which Katie had given me. I listen to the recording most nights and now hardly wake at all!

With Katie’s help, I now feel I am able to cope with situations when they arrive easier than before and remain calmer. I’m also starting to think in a more positive way rather than negative.

‘Nurture Time’

I have suffered from anxiety and low confidence for a number of years. This in turn affects my sleep, so I decided to seek help from Katie.

Through Katie’s support I am setting myself achievable targets and giving myself nurture time when I feel tired or anxious. I am learning some relaxation techniques through talking meditation, which is improving my sleep.

As a man, we often find it harder to talk about our emotions and insecurities, Katie has helped to break down this stigma and I am so glad I have accessed her support. I would highly recommend her.

‘Positive Outlook’

I had recently finished working at my job due to stress and was struggling with depression and anxiety. Going to Katie I was able to talk in a safe and comfortable environment about my issues and going through steps to feel better. I felt each session I had a more positive outlook than negative. I highly recommend going to hypnotherapy with Katie,  she listens to your needs and has a calming positive effect. Each day I feel much more positive and happier fulfilling my goals and outlook.