Weight Management- Why do I struggle to lose weight and how can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help?

Do you try and follow a diet and/ or exercise plan and find yourself reverting back to old habits regularly, unable to shift the weight you’d like to lose? Have you put on some weight in lock down that you’re finding difficult to get rid of? You don’t have to be able to afford a PT, nutritionist and chef to get on track…

Here’s the science. Nobody can lose weight with a full stress bucket. When you’re stressed, anxious or thinking negatively you automatically set yourself up for failure. A build up of cortisol in your system leads to reaching for food. (In primitive times this response made us face our fears and hunt for food for the family.)  Those foods that we probably reach for are usually high in fat or sugar. This then leads to an increase in dopamine which makes you want to eat more and a reduction of leptin and ghrelin which suppresses hunger. You eat more, you feel guilty- the vicious cycle starts again.

The chances are, if you’re stressed or anxious then you’re probably not sleeping well either. The lack of sleep produces chemicals in our body which increase our appetites leading to an increase of calories. If you’re stressed and not sleeping well then your energy levels are also more likely to be low, meaning that you are probably more sedentary and not burning those extra calories that you’ve consumed. All in all a greater calorie intake and a lower calorie expenditure.

In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we start with that reduction of cortisol by emptying the stress bucket which in turn will re organise your sleep patterns, gaining more rational control and making better food choices as a result. You won’t lose weight in one session, no. But with around 8-12 sessions (dependant on the individual) you WILL achieve a more positive mindset which in turn will reduce stress hormones , making you more motivated to go and achieve your goals . Gradually the weight loss will come as a result of this, taking whichever route you choose, small steps at a time. That sounds like winning all round to me 💪🏻.