‘Katie is my lifesaver!’

Katie is my lifesaver, after working non stop this last year in very stressful and emotional circumstances I felt like I was falling and couldn’t stop. Katie gave me the tools to enable me to refocus and concentrate on the positives rather than be consumed by the negatives. I feel lighter after my sessions with Katie and able to take on the week and deal with situations that may arise. I no longer apologise for needing time to myself or asking for help. Thank you Katie.

‘I am now teetotal’

I’ve had a life-long affair with Alcohol – and during the first Lockdown I realised that, like most affairs, it was going to end with someone getting hurt. I was at the stage where one drink was too many and two wasn’t enough. I was introduced to Katie in September by a friend. She has been wonderful. She has supported, encouraged and challenged but never judged. It’s been a joy and I’ve conquered an addiction that 6 months ago I thought would probably kill me. I am now teetotal. I am fitter, happier and quite simply richer. Most of all I am Free. I thought I was beyond help. Thankfully Katie didn’t.

‘I can now cope with all of the challenges life throws at me’

I’d like to say that Katie at Songbird Hypnotherapy really has helped me to gain back control of my life. Mentally I can now cope with all of the challenges life throws at me. When Katie takes you under her wing and listens and understands your problems she will help you to retrain your mentality to help you cope, deal and give you the understanding of how to solve your issues. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to her and would highly recommend to anyone.

‘Do this!’

I can highly recommend this. During the first lockdown I found, like many, that I was indulging a little bit too much on the alcohol front – it’s been a lifelong affair for me but with all the warnings about being overweight and of a certain age and the increased risks of getting a terminal dose of C19 I decided to get proper help. Katie has been brilliant. Supportive, constructive and totally non-judgemental. I now understand the triggers and how to avoid them and I also understand that it’s going to be a work in progress. I’ve come on massively in the last four months and Katie has made a massive difference to me both in my mental health and my general outlook. Do this!

‘I feel so much better now!’

It’s like magic! If you asked me 4 months ago what I believed hypnotherapy was I would have said it’s where you are put in a trance with a stop watch and unconsciously perform stupid acts!!! However that’s way off the mark and totally misconceived. Katie used her high level of skill to help me empty my bucket of anxiety and stress which was overflowing to a point where I was in the darkest hole with no idea of how to get out of it. She helped me train my brain to find positives on a daily basis which was very hard at the start of the process but has now become so easy I don’t seem to have to put that much effort in. The meditation recordings which I listen to every night enabled me to have quality sleep. I feel so much better now and highly recommend Katie to everyone.

‘I am now a much calmer person’

I was very lucky to of had the chance to see Katie, this was due to having a very kind and caring family member who recommended and funded the sessions. Following the death of my beautiful 19 year old daughter this September, the said family member wanted to offer something he felt would be beneficial in processing the death and other parts of my life.
I was a fairly highly strung individual and the little things in life, silly arguments, road rage, and the things people say used to always bother me to the point I would rant and rage and toss and turn through the night to try and process what happened, this in the past has gone on for months, playing like a movie on repeat.
Since seeing Katie and listening to her recording I am now a much calmer person, I now process the things that used to bother me more quickly which enables me to move on from it at a quicker rate…i no longer dwell on the ‘little things’, I now plan and do more things to make me feel better and also what makes me happy and I also look ahead at what I can do next.
This has freed up a part of my brain that I needed in order to process the loss of my daughter, it has allowed me to approach things and see things in a different way…although it is still very painful, Katie has really helped me to refocus and look at the good things in my life.

‘Without doubt the best decision we’ve made!’

My daughter came to see Katie after an incident caused her to have anxiety around school and certain situations. She instantly felt comfortable and open around Katie and the sessions were a success! Evie now understands the way her mind works around anxiety and her confidence has grown and no longer feels held back by feelings that would’ve controlled her day to day life. I can’t thank Katie enough for helping Evie, opting for hypnotherapy is without doubt the best decision we’ve made and Katie is amazing at what she does.. even having to switch to online sessions with audio still have helped massively and we’ve seen a complete shift in her way of thinking, We’re so thankful for Katie’s help and we now have a care free confident child.

‘The best thing I have ever done’

I first went to Katie to try and sort out my eating habits, thinking Katie would just hypnotise me and I would be able to diet better and be slim.

Well, the first session I was thinking, what is this going to do? The second session I’m thinking, well it is making me think about what I’m doing with my day. The third session everything just clicked. It’s not about what I’m putting in my mouth, it’s about what I’m putting in my own head.

I had 6 sessions with Katie and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done. I still have Katie in my head when I’m about to make a dodgy decision, or I’m sitting on my bottom doing nothing and thinking too much. I go back to my sessions with Katie and I get up and do something more productive.

‘Far less anxious’

My 12 year old son struggled with anxiety which accelerated with the return to school after being away for 5 months and then with the many covid restrictions. The weekly sessions he has been attending have made him become far less anxious and thanks to Katie’s techniques he suffers from anxiety less frequently now and when he does have any, he recognises it and works on trying to control the situation. Hypnotherapy is a great technique for adults and children and I myself have benefited from the Songbird Hypnotherapy mp3 recordings.